Deadline, Chapter 23

The last chapter arrives. There’s a huge party in Morovia and it’s Tompkins’ last day in the country. Due to all the food and drinks Tompkins had a dream with Yordini the fortune teller. Yordini told Tompkins that he could tell Tompkins the future. Tompkisn asked away about the future of many things. The airport project for the Olympics was going to be finished by the deadline, although not perfectly and with some complications. As for Belinda, she will be a senator from the state of California. And finally, Belok, he will be many things: investment banker, captain of industry, special assistant in the White House, he will be at the Federal Prison at Danbury and, lastly, have his own radio talk show.

Tompkins was then interviewed by one of the ex-General’s managers, Alonzo. Alonzo asked Tompkisn about everything he did right and everything he did wrong during the whole time he was in Morovia, to which Tompkins answered by giving Alonzo his journal that he has been writing since day one. That journal had everything he had learned and would be a great help to managers around the world. Tompkins didn’t need it anymore, he had those teaching engraved in him and he wasn’t forgetting them any time soon.

And lastly, Tompkins was leaving Morovia, he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Lahksa. The plane is supposed to be heading to Boston while making a stop in Latvia prior to that. When he landed, he thought Latvia didn’t look like what he expected. He asked the taxi driver of the taxi he was in, and just as he suspected, he wasn’t in Latvia, he was in Bulgaria. He also learned that Bulgaria ha it’s own NNL, which he expected since Morovia’ NNL had told him that Latvia had already been bought. He finally arrived at a palace.

Tompkins was surprised to see Lahksa there. But what was even more surprising was that Lahksa wasn’t the NNL, Tompkins was. Turns out that Tompkins had a lot more money than he initially thought. This was because Tompkins had options. Options are a sort of compensation companies give to their employees. Options aren’t stock directly, but give the employee the option to buy the company’s stock.

We get a happy ending. Tompkins is now Latvia’s NNL and Lahksa will be the Co-NNL. And, to finish the whole book, Tompkins asked Lahksa to be her wife, which she accepted. I expected this to happen, but I still find it weird that it happened. I feel like Tompkins didn’t spend that much time with Lahksa. She just drugged him at the beginning, then spent a bit of time with him and then disappeared for more than half of the book. But I guess it’s a fine way to finish this story.

“He lifted her into his arms and carried her across the threshold.”

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