Deadline, Chapter 11

Chapter 11 starts peacefully. Tompkins was enjoying a beautiful morning. He was breathing the fresh air, looking at birds, relaxing stuff. However, things take a complete 180° when he arrives at his office. NNL had gone to the states and the man in charge was now Mr. Belok. He was very different from NNL. NNL was portrayed as a really evil man at first, but once the book introduced him, he turned out to be a reasonable man. On the other hand, Mr. Belok was very different, even if he, himself, said that he was reasonable.

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The first thing Mr. Belok did change the deadline. The deadline was a few months earlier than Tompkins expected. Mr. Belok was very strict. He stated what he wanted and wasn’t backing off. However, as strict as he was, he made some solid points, although he made some not solid ones too. The first point he made was the insane money they were going to lose for every day that the products are late. With all 6 products they would be making $250,000 a year. So every day the project goes over the deadline they are losing $250,000. Moreover, Mr. Belok wasn’t fond of the management experiment at all, mainly because he was losing money. Mr. Belok demanded that Tompkins joins all 3 teams for each project.

Tompkins didn’t respond calmly to Mr. Belok’s request. And Tompkins actually did many things that you are supposed to do in this situation. Tompkins explained his view of the project as well as gave some criticism of his own. He mentioned that joining the teams would actually increase the time needed, which was true according to his tests. However, Mr. Belok was having none of it. He didn’t care if the projects took longer. And this is what I thought was weird. The projects were going to take longer and he seemed to prioritize time over anything. The only explanation here is that he is just unbelievably strict and doesn’t go back on his word or he has an ulterior motive for doing so, but we don’t know this at this point of the story.

Tompkins, Belinda and Markov get together to talk about the matter. It all seemed pretty hopeless at first. Luckily, the ex-general comes up with a brilliant idea, Mr. Belok wanted all teams joined together, so the ex-general thought about joining the 3 teams, but creating 2 new teams. They had 1500 people to work with, more than enough to create 2 new teams for each project. Belinda also suggested handing in the first completed project regardless of which team finished it first. If one of the smaller ones finished it first (which is probably going to happen), they will just tell Mr. Belok that the bigger team did it. I think this is the perfect solution, I was not aware that there were that many free people available, so they should just go ahead with this plan. Sure, they may be lying, but Mr. Belok was being unreasonable, it’s like fighting fire with fire. Let’s just hope NNL comes back sooner than expected, since Mr. Belok only brings about trouble.

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